Saturday, 13th of September 1997, Ballerup-St. Paul.

The departure from Copenhagen Airport at 1150 was delayed till 1205, when the aircraft took off, a Boeing 727 from KLM.

We landed in Amsterdam at 105 p. m. after a flight time of 1 hour. We were to check in already at 150, and not at 220, as the
plan for travelling said.
We were questioned by an American security officer, among other things:

We were supposed to take off at 320, but the time was 355, when we took off in a DC-10 from Northwest Airlines.

The flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul lasted 8 hours and a half.

They showed a movie and various commercials during the flight, but there was too much noise in the aircraft for us to hear the sound well enough in the headphones we were supplied with.We flew over the southern part of Greenland, where we could see glaciers and og icebergs, and over Canada, which seemed to be a wilderness of swamp and a lot of small lakes.

We landed at 525 p. m. local time (7 hours behind Danish local time). 

Our baggage was carefully cheched by the staff in the airport. In the aircraft we had been told, that we were not allowed to bring any eatable goods into the USA, and it came true. We had a banana and a banana skin, both were confiscated, but we were allowed to keep some bisquits and some rolls.

Now we were to get hold of the car, that was booked for us, but when we found the Avis counter it had been closed. We were then told, that we should take a bus, which was waiting outside, to another counter. And so we did. Fortunately, that counter was open, and after various paper pushing we got the key to the car, that we were going to drive: A Dodge Stratus, which was waiting at the  Avis parking lot close to the counter.

We took our baggage on board the car, and set out on our way to the Best Western Kelly Inn Hotel, but it was not easy to find. We asked our way in a McDonald’s, and it turned out, that we could look right at the hotel from there.

After check in we watched TV for a little while, and finally we went to bed at around 10 p. m. local time (corresponding to 7 next morning Danish local time).

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