Sunday, 14th of September 1997, St. Paul.

The weather was cloudy. The temperature was around 20oC (68oF).

We had breakfast at the hotel at 8: Coffee with two muffins dipped in sirup together with a plateful of toast with 2 fried eggs, hollandaise sauce and ham.Huset på 852 East, 4th St.

At 10 we drove to 1710 East Lake St., Minneapolis, where Harry Kinnerup had lived in 1911, when my grandfather emigrated, but the house had been torn down.

We continued to 909 Fremont Avenue, where my grandfather lived, when my grandmother immigrated, but that house, too, was torn down.

On the other hand, 852 East, 4th St., where my mother Martha and my aunt Edna and their parents had lived from 1915 till 1920, was still standing. Around the houses a lot of grayish squirrels was running.

After lunch we drove to the Capitol of St. Paul and continued later to the Missisippi, where my grandmother had gone swimming several times.

The upper picture shows 852 East, 4th Street, and the picture below shows the Capitol.

St. Paul, Capitol-bygningen

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