Monday, 15th of September 1997, St. Paul.

The weather: Cloudy, around 20 oC (68 oF).

We went to the Minnesota History Center, which is placed closely to the hotel. We were registered as users of the archive, and we started out looking in old city directories and census 1920.

Among others, we found the following informations:

In the St. Paul City Directory 1915 it says on page 904: Kinnerup, Chris Martinus, cond, r 852E 4th (cond: conductor, r: residence).

In the St. Paul City Directory 1920 it says on page 791: Kinnerup, Martin, car opr r 852E 4th (car opr: car operator, r: residence).

In the house at 852 East, 4th Street lived on the 1st of January 1920:

My grandparentís decision to return to Denmark in 1920 must have been taken in a hurry, as the naturalization the year before indicates, that there were no such plans at that time.

We found the following about Martinusí brother Harry (Hans Peder):

It says nothing about Harry in the St. Paul or Minneapolis City Directories 1910 or 1915, or in the Duluth City Directory 1920, even though Harry according to the census of 1st of January 1920 lived in Duluth.

In the census papers from Duluth 1920 it says, that Harry P. Kinnerup was white, a tenant in 10 East 2nd Street, (where at least 17 families lived), 36 years old, immigrated in 1902, able to read and write, born in Denmark, Danish parents, able to speak English, commercial traveller/cigars,

married to Marie, who was white, 23 years old, able to read and write, born in Michigan, Swedish parents, able to speak English, hairdresser with her own hairshop.

Duluth is a neighbouring city to Superior, where Harry lived in August 1917 according to an old postcard.

The picture shows the Minnesota History Center.

Minnesota History Center

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