Tuesday, 16th of September 1997, St. Paul-Faribault.

At first the weather was cloudy, but soon it started raining, at some places hard. The temperature was around 20 oC (68 oF).

We went to the Minnesota History Center in the morning. In census 1920 we found something about Lars Peter Jensen, who was the husband of  Christine Petrea, my grandfather’s paternal aunt, and their two sons Christian Martinus and Holger:

Lars Peter and Christine Petrea emigrated to USA in 1882, and they were naturalized in 1897. They had a farm i Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota. In the 1920 census it says:

According to Martinus Kinnerup Lars P. Jensen’s wife, Christine Petrea, died around 1912. If the census is right, Lars P. then would have married a 30 years younger lady. But there have later been made corrections on the census papers, so therefore Christ M. is undoubtedly Lars P.’s and Christine Petrea’s son Christian Martinus. The cause of mistake is, that at first the field "relationship to the head of the family" was filled in "wife". Afterwards they have corrected both sex and  married state to “wife” respectively “married”, to make everything right (which is wrong!). Martinus’s brother Ludvig (Louis) and his family are not mentioned anywhere in Minnesota in census 1920, they must have lived in another state at that time.

We also found out, in which church my mother Martha had been baptized: East Emanuel Evangelical Norwegian Church.

It was supposed to be located at the address: The crossroads of Jessie Street and Lawson Avenue. We drove to the place. Now it is a residential neighbourhood and the church is a private home. But we thought, that the house looked like an old church without its tower. It was raining, and we were just about to leave the place, when we saw, that the owner of the house came home. We knocked at the door and asked, if this was a former Norwegian church. It was, said the owner and invited us to come inside. He and his wife had lived in the house for 5 years, and they had rebuilt and modernized several rooms. But you could still make out, that once it had been a church.

The picture shows the church, as it looks today.

In the afternoon we drove to Hastings, where we called my mother and brother. Meanwhile, it was raining hard. Later we arrived at the Best Western Hotel in Faribault. The Best Western Hotels in Rochester were fully ocupied, therefore we had to stay in Faribault.

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