Wednesday, 17th September 1997. Visit at Lois’ and Jack’s in  Rochester.

At 9, the weather was fine with sunshine and no clouds, around 20 oC (68 oF).

hortly before 11 we arrived at Lois’s and Jack’s apartment in Rochester, Minnesota. Jack had gone to work. He had a summer job as a lift driver in a corn distribution company in Rochester.

Lois and Jack now live in an apartment in the outskirts of the city. While Jack was employed at IBM in Rochester (33½ years as a programmer) they lived in St. Charles, a town between Rochester and Winona. Jack was pensioned off, when he was 60 years old.

We took a drive in our rented car to Winona, Lois’ home as a child.

On the way to Winona we stopped at a Kwik gas station in St. Charles. The manager was Lois’ and Jack’s youngest son Paul, to whom we said hello. One of his employees was his former principal.773, King St. i Winona, Minnesota

We drove on to Winona, where Lois showed us 773, King St., a two-family house, which was her home as a child. Louis, Edna and Lois lived in one end of the house, and in the other end lived Edna’s parents, Amelia and Samuel Blace. Samuel came from French-Canadian people. When Samuel died and Louis too, Edna’s mother Amelia moved in with Edna and Lois. The picture shows the house in King St.

Louis was employed in the Chicago and Nortwestern Railroad, he was a machinist in the roundhouse in Winona. He did lubrication and other maintenance of the locomotives.

Louis died in 1940. After a vacation he went back to work. In the roundhouse there was a catwalk above the locomotives. Louis was always very careful with removing spilled oil from the catwalk, but the man, who had done Louis’ job during his vacation, apparently had not been that careful. Louis’ feet slipped on the catwalk, and he fell down on the concrete floor and was killed.

We drove about the town and the cemetary, where Lois’ grandmother and grandfather and her parents Edna and Louis are buried. Edna and Louis and Edna’s parents are buried on a large cemetary, which is located on a slope in the southern part of the town. The grave is close to a forest. They have a common gravestone, which is placed in the middle of the burial place. Edna’s and Louis’ names are on one side of the stone, and Edna’s parents’ names on the other. Harry is buried on Louis’ and Edna’s side, too, but his name does not appear on the stone. By the side of the stone an urn with flowers had been placed, but it had disappeared, when we came there. Jack and Lois usually take the urn indoor for the winter, but this year there will be no need for that. Of course, you can drive your car all over the cemetary.

Edna was born in Decorah, Iowa.

Lois took us for a drive in Rochester, where we among others saw some of the doctors’ fine houses. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester are very wealthy. They live in fine houses built of bricks in their own part of the town.

At 5 p. m., we fetched Jack at his workplace, and in the evening Lois and Jack invited us to dinner. We could eat as much as we liked, from salad to steaks, turkey and fish and delicious desserts.

Jack and Lois have two small light brown poodles. They are mother and daughter and very lively. When they are alone at home, they stay in a kennel in the living room. When we were going to leave them, Lois told them to go to the kennel, and immediately they ran in there. As soon as they heard, that we had come home again, they started yelling and they were just wild for some time afterwards.

All of Lois’ og Jack’s children live in Minnesota except for Jack Jr., who is in the i U.S. Navy in San Diego, California. Han took part in the Gulf War, during which his ship hit a mine.

Lois told us, that her mother said, when Harry sometimes came to stay with them, that probably Harry had no money left. It was never mentioned, that he was/had been married. When he came, he brought a lot of bottles of liquor, and he put them at the table. Those were the bottles, he sold to make a living as a commercial traveller. Louis and Harry talked together in English, in any case Lois never heard them talking Danish.

Jack’s ancestors came from Germany.

When Edna’s mother died in 1954, Edna moved to Washington to Lois and Jack. Jack was in Pentagon for the air force most of his military service.

Jack, Bodil og Lois
Jack, Bodil and Lois

Vi started the drive back to the hotel in Faribault at 10 p. m.

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