Saturday, 20th September 1997, Elk Horn og Kimballton. 

The weather: Sunshine, a little cool, around 17 oC (62,5 oF).

At 10 a. m. we drove westwards to exit no. 54 on I-80, and we continued northwards to Elk Horn. Elk Horn and Kimballton are Danish immigrant villages. Until 1925 around 90 % of the inhabitants in Elk Horn and almost 100 % of the inhabitants in Kimballton were Danish.

We made our first stop at the windmill in Elk Horn, it has been reconstructed after transportation piece by piece from Nørre Snede in Jylland (Jutland) in Denmark. The name of the guide in the mill was Mrs. Hansen, she and her husband  had a “bed and breakfast” hotel in the town. She did not speak Danish.

Soon it was time for lunch, and we continued to The Danish Inn, which is located near the mill. We had salad, frikadeller, medisterpølse, cutlet and mashed potatoes, as much as we could eat for $5,95.

Then we went to the Immigrant Museum, where we met a Danish family. They had started Sunday from New York and were on their way to Los Angeles in California, where they planned to meet one of their daughters.

We bought a book about emigrant letters “A New Life”.

We also saw the little chapel, a monument in memory of a Danish carpenter, who had participated in building several churches in the area.

Møllen i Elk Horn
Then we went to Bedstemor’s hus (Grandmother’s house) . An old lady showed us over the house, she was the daughter of Danish immigrants from Ringkøbing and Hvide Sande in the western part of Jutland. She spoke Danish, and she had still contact with some of her cousins in Denmark. She wrote letters to them in Danish, they did not understand any foreign languages. She had made a journey to Denmark together with a grandchild in 1990, and she had among others visited Copenhagen and Skagen (det northermost town in Denmark).

Bedstemor’s hus is reconstructed, and the furniture comes from the beginning of this century. The house was built by an old man, who planned to marry the 18 year old neighbouring girl, and move into the house. But the girl would not accept that, so instead the man had to live in a neighbouring house at the opposite side. An old lady lived in the house for many years, until it was turned into a museum.

Bedstemors hus

Afterwards we drove to Kimballton, where we saw the copy of the little mermaid, which is part of a fountain. Beside we saw the “Bondehuset”, a small half-timbered house. On our way back to the hotel in Adair we went shopping in Atlantic.
Den lille havfrue i Kimballton

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