Sunday, 21st of September 1997, Adair-Omaha.

The weather: Around 17 oC (62,5 oF) at 8 a. m. with sunshine and just a few clouds.

We drove to Anita City and Lake, where some people were fishing from their boats, and we continued to Council Bluffs, but we could not find “The Dodge House”. J. Kinnerup was born in Council Bluffs, but we did not know a more exact location.

We arrived at the Best Western White House hotel in Omaha, Nebraska at 2 p. m. The weather was cloudy and the temperature was 20 - 25 oC (68 - 77 oF).

In the afternoon we tried to find a laundry, but the one we found closed at 430 p.m.

We went shopping in Bellevue, Omaha: Ham, cheese, beer and other things.

We had dinner at the Village Inn near the hotel. We had salad, then fish with french fries and vegetables and to that a glass of apple juice.
At the end of the afternoon it rained a little.

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