Wednesday, 24th of September 1997, Denver-Cortez. 

The weather was fine, and the sun was shining from a blue heaven. The temperature was around 15 oC (59oF).

We bought and wrote some postcards, and they were sent from a sub post office, which was located in the rear end of a drugstore.Rocky Mountains

We set our route over the Rocky Mountains, which showed itself in the most favourable lights with all the beautiful colors of autumn.

We bought gas in Jefferson in the Rocky Mountains. The attendant at the gas station had a big black beard, and he was wearing some old dirty and ragged clothes. But he had no problems accepting our Visa card.

We bought a little food near the gas station. The lady in the store was very fine dressed, she did not fit into the surroundings at all.

Lunch in Fairplay at 1230.

We arrived at the Best Western hotel in Cortez at 730 p. m. 

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