Thursday, 25th of September 1997, Cortez-Page. 

We left the hotel in Cortez at 930 a. m. The weather: Sunshine and warm.
Mesa VerdeWe drove back to the Mesa Verde National Park, which has escavations of indian settlements in cliff dwellings more than 1000 years old, e.g.The Sun Temple, The Sun Point. The dwellings are often located on almost inaccessible cliffs.

Lunch at 12 by the Far View Visitor Center in the park, and we returned to Cortez at 1 p. m.

We had the car washed for $4.

We left Colorado at the Four Corners, the only place, where you can stand in 4 American states at the same time: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. After a stop we continued into Arizona. Then we continued on road no. 160 and no. 98 to Page, where we arrived at 630 p. m., but it appeared, that the time was only 530, Arizona time, so suddenly we had one extra hour.

We went to a large supermarket, where we bought two calendars with photos from Arizona, and also food and drinks.

During the afternoon the cloud cover increased, and it started raining, when we arrived at Page. It was the remnant of the tropical hurricane Nora, that announced its arrival. It had ravaged the west coast of Mexicos and caused flood in Yuma, a city in the south-west part of Arizona, but now it had decreased into an ordinary depression.

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