Friday, 26th of September 1997, Grand Canyon. 

The weather: It rained a little in the morning. Around 21 oC (70oF) at 9. Later it cleared up with just a few clouds when we stayed at Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon

We went to a coin laundry i Page, where we met a married couple from Zurich, Switzerland, who also were washing clothes. The price for washing was $1.50, 50 cents for washing powder, drying 3 times 25 cents each.

At 1030 we drove by road 89A to Jacob Lake, where we had our own sandwiches. We continued to the North Rim, the northern slope of Grand Canyon, which is around 8.000 feet above sea level.

The admission to the national park is $20. Fortunately, we could use our Visa card, because we were running out of cash.

The weather was not too good, it was cloudy and foggy with occational rain, so when we arrived at the Grand Canyon, we were unable to see any of the scenery because of low clouds. We went to the souvenir shop, where we bought two t-shirts for $10 each. When we came out, the clouds had disappeared, and a magnificent view was spread out in front of us.
Grand Canyon is a magnificent nature reserve with wild rocks, which have many different shapes. They may be rugged, but they may also be flat as a pancake. The colors are mostly brown or green, but that depends on the season. The canyon is 1 mile deep and 16 miles wide.

Grand Canyon

At 240 p. m. we drove back to Page. The car was terribly dirty because of a 7 miles road work, where all the asphalt had been removed. We washed it on a carwash as well as it could be done, but it was not clean at all. 

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