Saturday, 27th of September 1997, Page-Phoenix. 

The weather: Sunshine and warm.

We left Page at 925 after shopping, and we had lunch at a holiday village near Sedona. The landscape here is almost similar to the Alps.

Ved Sedona, Arizona

We continued through Sedona and Flagstaff to Phoenix, where we arrived at 415 p. m. and moved in at the Best Western Sage Inn in the suburb Glendale. We washed the car once more, but still it was not quite clean.

We had dinner (junk food) at Burger King, Glendale Avenue, that is hamburger, french fries and a mineral water.

James Kinnerup had called the hotel before we arrived. The telephone in the hotel room did not work, so we called James Kinnerup from the reception desk. We agreed, that we would come to the Kinnerup residence the following day at 930 a. m.

We borrowed an iron at the reception desk, and the telephone in the room was repaired during the evening. There was a loose wire in the plug behind the bed.

The picture shows rocks in the Sedona area. 

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