Sunday, 28th of September l997, Phoenix, visit to the Kinnerup family. 

Temperature and weather: 102 o F., sunshine and cloudless.

We drove to the Kinnerup residence, where we arrived at 930 a. m.

James showed us the exotic fruit trees in the backyard, most of all various citrus trees, but also a pear tree with large pears. Though they were large already now, there would go around 2 months by, before they would ripen.

Bodil og kaktusBodil and a cactus

The dog Lady, which is a medium-sized black long-haired dog, barked every time someone rang the door bell, but she was quite inoffensive, and she came to us at the lawn with a ball to play.

James called his brother Bill, who arrived shortly afterwards. We (James, Bill and we) went on a showing round in Phoenix in Dolly’s car. Among others we saw an escavation area of an indian village and a museum with an exhibition of old indian tools and interesting features of indian culture.

At lunch time we had a hamburger. We also took a walk at the Capitol building area and saw some of the monuments in memory of World War II and the Korean war.

We returned to James’ home at around 4 p. m. Then the visitors arrived: First Bill’s wife Joni and their children, a girl and a boy, then Cindy and her husband Charles. We started with various drinks, and James and Bill tested the “Dr. Nielsen”, we had brought. Then we had various mexican inspired  food and finally a hamburger. It was a very pleasant evening.

We told James, that we were going to deliver our rented car to Avis in the airport the next day. He suggested, that we should move into their guest room the last night before our departure. And we gladly agreed.

We received a china dish, which Cori and Jim had sent from Okinawa as a gift for us.

Kinnerup'erCharles, Dolly, Cindy og James

Tre Kinnerup-damerCindy, Dolly og Joni

Joni og BillJoni og Bill 

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