Monday, 29th of September 1997, Phoenix, visit to the Kinnerup family. 

We left the hotel and moved in with James at 10 a. m. Then James and we drove to the airport to deliver the car, but that was not quite easy. There were no signs leading us to ďAvisĒ, so we went to a hotel and called the Avis head office in Phoenix (and Cindy, who was waiting for us with lunch). We might deliver the car at gate 2, 3 or 4, so we went to gate 2.James' husThe Kinnerup residence

Then we drove in Jamesí car to Cindy in Scottsdale. She and Charles and Charlesí daughter live in a new luxurious home with all kinds of electronic devices. They have two dogs, that love to swim in the pool in the garden.

James drove us about the city, before we returned to their home. Both Dolly and Tabby had then returned from work (Dolly works on Mondays in a shop at a hospital, she is a former nurse, and Tabby works around 20 hours per week at a restaurant).

The time was approaching, when James was going to have the garden irrigated. During the summer this can take place every second week, during the winter at most once per month. James had entered his request on the list the day before. The irrigation time is 1 1/2 hour, and for James  this would be from 630 till 8 p. m. In the meantime we saw a video from Okinawa in Japan. It had been recorded on the occasion of Jim and Coriís wedding in 1993. Then we went outside to see the irrigation process. James has two pipe outlets in the lawn, and from the outlets a stream of water came up. Around the garden is a low embankment, and the footpaths are raised above the surrounding area, which is changed into a lake, until the water during the night sinks into the ground.

When the irrigation was finished, James and Dolly took us to a restaurant, where we had salad, shrimpf, steak and french fries.

After the dinner, James and Dolly took us for a drive to see the lights of Phoenix by night.

We returned at 10 p. m., and we went to bed and slept well. We had a small fan to keep the air in the room circulating. 

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