Bina's and Max's page
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Bodil and Bina. Bina 1 year old, 16 June 2009

Full speed in the garden, June 2009

At the garden pond, June 2009

Two tired doggies, July 2009

Cosiness, July 2009

More cosiness, September 2009

In the holiday cottage, October 2009

Max at the garden gate, November 2009

In the snow, December 2009

Christmas in the holiday cottage, December 2009

Playing at the coffee table, January 2010

Watching the birds in the garden, January 2010

Bodil's birthday, 28 April 2010

Bodil and Max, May 2010

Eating grass, July 2010

Bina and Bodil, August 2010

In the garden, October 2010

Max in the snow, November 2010

Baking, December 2010

New winter coats, December 2010

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