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We are very sad to tell you, that Kamille has passed away.
Monday, March 2nd, 2009, we had to take a very serious decision: To have our beloved dog Kamille put to sleep. Since before Christmas she had been ill periodically, and  she stopped eating for days or weeks. She was very restless, and she wanted to get out constantly. She hid behind the shrubs, as she would do when in pain, and if she could, she would probably have left us.
We celebrated her 10th birthday February 1st, and she was better then.
To continue treating her with still higher doses of prednisolone was hopeless, and as we are sure she was in pain, there was no other way. It has been a very hard struggle, and we lost at the end.
Kamille was our lovely boxer dog, and we will never forget her.
She was born in Vordingborg 1st of February 1999, and we took her home, when she was 8 weeks old. She died March 2nd, 2009. 

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Kamille with white back of the neck, 3 weeks old
Arne and Kamille, 6 weeks old

Bodil and Kamille, 8 weeks old

Bodil and Kamille, 3 months old
Kamille, 5 months old
Bodil and Kamille, 5 months old
Kamille, 1 year old
Bodil og Kamille, 1 year old, at 
Boxer-klubben, Gruppe Slangerup's training field

Arne and Kamille, 3 years old

Bodil and Kamille, 3 years old

Bodil and Kamille, spring 2005

New Year 2005

Kamille and Bodil, March 2006

Kamille and Bodil, March 2006

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